So I know I just made a episode thing like 2 times LOL

So what I am going to list all the popular Episode stories. For classical ink limelight

Campus Crush
Tangled Love
Being the New Girl
Bad Boy Bachelor
The Teacher
Gender Switching
Real Hollywood
Twisted Love
Evil Twins Heist
Pregnant and Alone
The hourglass
Party Girls
The Dare
The Bad Girls: The Next season
The Bottom Feeders
Game Changer
True you
Criminal Escapade
In a perfect World
Cabo Confusion
Always talk to Strangers
Jennie, the girl who used to be a pirate
Stranded At Sea
What happened in Vegas
The Bet
Rich Witches
Campus Crush

Pregnant and Flirty
Baby Help Me
Bad Boy Bachelor
The Ultimate Affair
Double Trouble
Marriage by Law
I married a prince
Falling Slowly
Queen Bee
Mean Girls
Gender Switching
Hunted Bad
Loving Latino
The Stripper
The Heat inside
My Charming Vampire
Falling for Mr Jerk
Loving Bad
Campus Crush
Demi Lovato
Summer Share
Dangerous Love
Hollywood Hayes
The Royal Baby
Pregnancy Game

MC: Till Death Do Us Part
Falling for the Dolan Twins
Pitch Perfect
Crush on Mr Bad Boy
Pretty Little Liars
Baby Project
Positively Princess
Prom Night
Celebrity Boyfriend
It started with a bra
Kiss List
College Makeover
The Ultimate Affair
The Girl with the bad reputation
Glitch Girl
Bad Girl Boss
Envy 2
Why Me
Why Him
Becoming Queen Bee
Blurred Lines <-Amy.T
Love Bite
Dress Code
Craving Scar
Upside Down
Shes Bad
He Owns me
Accidentally Pregnant
Craving for him
Cheer Squad
A little More me
My Sisters Crush

***If you have any more stories for me to add just say it :slight_smile: :heart:

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