So I need a bit of help

I have this family (please don’t look at the outfits yet ). I just don’t know if I created them proparbly ? like do they have the right ethnicity? Cuz I really don’t know I’m so bad at that…

this is Noah Solomon age 37 father American

this is Zendaya Solomon age 25 |death| african female

Mindy Solomon age 15 daugther of the 2 African American

please give you’re opinion but with tips on how to improve

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@EpisodeShadow @ShanniiWrites

Oh nvm I see lol I cannot read today

o shoot sorry didn’t say that so Zendaya is the mother but she died at a very young age. she was 24 when she got Mindy but due to a ssickness she died but her appereance is important because I want to use it for pictures and memories about her

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Her eyes should be thinner and nose should be bigger because her father have wide noses and both have thin like eyes.

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like this ?

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No, I never said monolids. Try the Generic Female.

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Yeah, that’s good

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Oh wait. Maybe try the Round Flares Downturned nose? I’m sorry, I just noticed her mother’s nose was small, I thought it was big.

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I’m too tired today, I swear…

hehe no worries



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Maybe make her skintone Rose 08 or Neutral 08? You don’t have to, it’s just a suggestion because her mother is very dark and her father won’t take down much melanin for the daughter.

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thanks I will try that!

I suggest u to use the same nose and mouth of the mother and a similar face shape with her dad.

Maybe Zendaya has a strange body color. Try something more natural.

I don’t really see an issue with her skin tone but it would be difficult to find a skintone that would mix with that and the males.

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