So I tried to search for this with no luck... Customizations, and allowing reader to revert to original settings

So I started a new writing style with a few of my latest stories, and I am starting to implement artwork as well, since the artwork can only be based on the setting I have for the character is it possible after warning readers about the artwork to give them the option to revert to MC back to original look?
I have never seen this and I want to make sure I code it right, so help would be appreciated, I was going to put the choice and under
Yes I was going to put something like this
@MC changes into MC… but I don’t know if that would change it for everyone…
If anyone is familiar please let me know.

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I think you can do it with two methods.

1, Create another character with the MC’s original features, then write:
“Reset” {
@MC becomes MC2

2, Change her features one by one.
“Reset” {
@MC changes hairColor into #

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