So i uploaded new background and now it says there is an error

okay here is the deal i uploaded new backgrounds and waited for them to get aproved and when i went to use them ( they were aproved ) it gave me an error i tried to reload and restart but it still gave me an error i double checked if it was spelled right and stilll an error HELP

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Can you post a picture of your script?

It’s most likely a glitch, or maybe your script is wrong

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Okay! Btw this is not only happening with this background it’s happening with all my background and i gave it some time for about 3-4 weeks reloaded and tried it again and it still said the same error


Script Error:


Got confused on the last one here u go


Okay, so I’m spotting an error (not with the bg). On line 110 you wrote enter when it should be enters.

Well thank u sm hopefully that will maybe help with the background

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the real issue. Sometimes the portal says that the error is one thing when it’s actually another, confusing af if you ask me :roll_eyes:

I fixed it and it still didn’t work idk what’s up

That’s weird, do yo have any other warning/error other than the bg’s one?

i checked twice to see if my script was wrong it wasn´t wrong i even looked at tutorials and i reloaded and saved it still said an error i gave it some time and realoaded then deleted the script then i copy and pasted the bg and u won´t guess what next, STILL AN ERROR. Im really confused honestly

it also says ¨ Use @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y ¨ but i think that has to do with the bg since i corrected the script

Oh! There it is! I didn’t see it the first time I saw the photos you uploaded. I only saw the enter part, lol.

You have:

@NIKO enter right to screen center in zone 3

When it actually should be:

@NIKO enters from right to screen center

You can’t write the zone when you make the character enter from x to screen y.

thank u sm it worked but now i have another question is there any code for a character to enter from a side but in a specific zone not like automatic in zone 1?

You could first write the cut command:

@cut to zone 3
@NIKO enters from right to screen center

That will make the scene start in zone 3, and the character will enter from right to screen center in zone 3.

alr thank u sm!