So i want to loop my background

i want to loop my beach background to have my two characters riding horses together while the camera follows them here is the bg

You can check this out. :point_down:t2:


so how do i make the camera follow the characters?

You could use a basic command like this for screen right, left and center.
@follow CHARACTER to screen # in zone #
Or you could do it this way (I advise you to do it this way as it is more efficient for spot directing.
&pan to zone # in t
@CHARACTER walks to spot # in t
the time the character takes to walk to the spot needs to be the same as the time period for the panning!

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this is not really one there fit to a loop. for looping it has to be a straight of picture

kinda like this --. yours goes -/ which means the loop instead been a straight line this -------. would instead look like this -/-/-/-/-

to better illustrate it would look like this

yeah i tried to upload a new by 1183x700 and episode doesnt allow that size

i dont know what to do ??

Wait a minutee!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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To loop backgrounds
Use this code
We usually use backgrounds on episode art catalog so i recommend for u to choose the background called EXT. ABBEY GARDEN - DAY

And upload this bg as an overlay i already resized it for perfect combination of looping

Bg I named this background as "BEACHLOOP"

Then add

Its up to you for spot directing the two characters and the horse i’ll just code the bg to make it look like looping

(The spot directing of two chars and the horse here)

&overlay BEACHLOOP shifts to -960 0 in 7 THEN overlay BEACHLOOP shifts to 00 in 0 loop INFINITE times

Let me know if it works! :sparkling_heart:

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i am about to do this fingers crossed!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

it says the overlay is too big :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

You can use this website for resize your overlay :point_down:t2:

or this one, :point_down:t2:

i actually got it, but thanks!

thats weird it is just the background not the beach :thinking:

also it gives an error on the coding as well… hmm

That’s weird, it works for me :thinking:

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And i had to resize it multiple times too but unless i was putting it In wrong

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Did u upload it as an overlay?