So I was looking at some Classic outfits

And… robot feet? clown costume?? beast outfit??? gorilla suit???

I love these, I wanna put my Limelight character in a gorilla suit! Why don’t we have theeeeeese?


Lol :joy:

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Classic had such great and unique outfits that have never been remade for the newer styles :frowning_face:

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Some of my favs


c_2f_tank_Tank_Top__pink__pv5_thumb c_2f_bootsShort_Gold_Chain_HighTops__white__pv2_thumb c_2f_vestLongV3_Hamburger_Tee__red__pv6_thumb c_2f_dressSuperShort_Space_Vixen_Armor__Pink__pv1_thumb c_2f_bootHeelsShort_SpikeBootieHeels__Grey__pv1_thumb c_2f_longSleevedSkinnyDressLong_Old_Hollywood_Glamour_Gown__Gold__pv1_thumb c_2f_poofyDressShort_Burlesque_Ensemble__Red__pv1_thumb c_2f_sleeves_Halloween_Skeleton_Sleeves__Pink__pv1_thumb c_1f_bootHeelsShort_Cop_Boots__Grey__pv1_thumb c_1f_bra_Halloween_Genie_Top__Pink__pv1_thumb c_1f_fishtailPoofyDress_Royal_Heart_Gown__Black__pv1_thumb c_2f_bootOutHeelsShort_Feathered_Booties__black__pv2_thumb c_1f_0_highWaistedTightSkirt_EdgyWinterPencilSkirt_aef3023724_thumb c_1f_0_collaredJacket_EdgyWinterVestTop_3fc2e5fbe7_thumb clo_bra_frayedAnarchyTank_wr_thumb clo_tightSleevedDress_peacockPrint_thumb clo_tightDress_drapeTube_b_thumb clo_poofyDressShort_puffySilky_k_thumb dress17 clo_tank_enforcer_ek_thumb Victorian Heels clo_mascotCostume_SwampCostume_thumb

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:heart_eyes: LOVE the gold shoes. And hamburger top


SUPPORTING. :clap:t5: THE. :clap:t5: HELL. :clap:t5: OUTTA. :clap:t5: THIS!! :clap:t5:

I’ve always thought the Classic style had trendy clothes, even if I wasn’t a fan on the art/style. They definitely need to bring these items to Limelight!


There is a thread asking to have classic clothing remade in LL

That’s awesome! I’d honestly never looked at Classic before, but I just thought I’d check it out and was like, “hey wait these outfits are cool”

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Yeah, Episode released at lot of the newer and cooler clothing right at the end of Classic’s run. But people where more focused on Ink

Pocket gems (Episodes creators) had an app called campus life, its no longer working, but this Tumblr account has some screenshot of hair and clothing that was never released