So I was tryint to put some code before the next scene started and this happened

[file:///Users/aboudiallo/Downloads/screen-capture%20(1).webm](file:///Users/aboudiallo/Downloads/screen-capture%20(1).webm) Soo does anybody know how to Fix this?

i can’t see any photos

Here they are!
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 3.58.47 PM|690x431

Remove the 3# on line 27.

I just did

Is there still an error?

Its not an error its just looks weird because one of my charecters is supposted to enter and face right but she faced left

Also, maybe you should move the girl on the right. It doesn’t look like she’s sitting in the seat of the chair!

Oh that is accurate thank you i’m still new to episode.

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Hm, maybe put @character faces right, after the character moves layers.

Yeah, that could work


Ok so I changed it a Little bit and I got an Error in the code

Try putting, SOFIA is idle_exhausted_loop on a separate line. Maybe line 38


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