So I was wondering if anyone could make me a bedroom background edit


So I would need it to have a single bed and a window next to the bed it would also need a coffee table I’ll send a picture similar to what I’d like but I wanted maybe some fairy lights and such and just make it a bit more adult to the one I’m going to send

I just want it to look more adult and have a night and day version the girl who’s it’s going to be for is 17


@CinnamonToast can u help her?


Hey, I don’t think I can help as I’m not so good with classic backgrounds/ I’m doing my homework right now/ I’m also confused but I’d recommend some other background makers. Some of them may not be the style she’s looking for but she didn’t specify the style so:
Anyone available? Sorry if I left out anyone else.




Or her, in fact, she just made a thread:


Thanks for trying to help but I literally just found someone so we may as well get this post closed :sweat_smile:


ok then


Oh alright then, have a good day and I hope you find the backgrounds you need! :grin:


I’m helping. :slightly_smiling_face:




You’ll do amazing!


Awe thanks! :heart:


Just to clear it up, thank you for volunteeroig, but @/noelle09 will do it as @/Fae_the_author decided her style is suitable. Sorry for the trouble and have a good day! :heart:


ok no problem!


@Sydney_H or @Jeremy, please close this thread. I’d appreciate it and thank you for your help! :grin: