So Im a Damsel In Distress now?

so is there ABSOLUTELY nothing I can do about trying to get access to my stories back? I switched from Android to IOS and was told by Lauren That theres nothing they can do and that she/he could compensate me with some credit passes. :sob: YOUR TELLING ME ALL MY OVERLAYS I UPLOADED, MY BACKGROUNDS AND STORIES I MADE IS g o n e. I’m honestly so done with this sh*t.


Im sorry but i really dont wanna read those cringy a*s romance stories to unlock catalog and make a new account and everything


You should still have all those on the portal. I switched from Android to IPhone a year ago and I still had access to my stories, backgrounds and overlays on the portal. If you’re talking about the app on your phone, you can still get your profile transferred. They will grant you free passes or gems with it as well. I’m not entirely sure if my saved stories I read were transferred. So you will have to ask about that.


wait so what do you mean? How do i get my profile transferred?

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I sent in a ticket asking for them to link my profile to my new account. You will need your support ID, which can be found in the settings of the episode app.

However, I do not know if your reading progress for the stories you saved will be transferred. I didn’t have any saved beforehand when my profile was transferred.

Your backgrounds and overlays are found on the portal where you do your writing.

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As @isabelle.episode said, you have to support a ticket to transfer your account, and your portal should still be able to be logged into.

Here is the ticket link: Submit a request – Episode

I did I sent a request like 12 hours ago and no one is answering

Be patient, it takes time for the team to answer support tickets, they don’t answer that quickly, so just keep checking your email.



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Okay so i got an answer but I’m being told the same thing they keep saying that we can’t transfer Android to iOS data but I’m asking them to link my account. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong and I think that these are AI’s answering. Is there a way to contact managers or anyone else?

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Mind telling me what you submitted or how I should ask?

Well, I just asked if they could transfer the profile itself to the new phone. The person then escalated the ticket to someone who could link my profile to my new account.

Submitting tickets are the only way to contact them.

ah nvm you guys i got my account back!! tysm!


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