So I'm currently locked out my android episode account so now I have to result in using IOS

Hello guys! I havent been here for awhile. I’m currently working on a new story since my last account was inactive because I no longer have an android phone. Any good ideas on what type of things I should include in this story and do you think I can get someone to make some art covers?

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You can try Sammie’s Art Shop (FREE) [OPEN]
For covers etc.

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@dishsoap does monthly free art and cheap commissions if you want to wait :slight_smile:

Heres a link for more shops and other things :slight_smile:


As @tre.episodes said, my free art request forms will be open on May 1st! However, I also do commission art (which is in a different style than requests) for a pretty decent price. Both links are on my Carrd in my bio! However, the form for commissions is the only one open ◡̈

Request Examples (Open May 1st)

Commissions (Open)