So I'm kind of dissapointed

I’m disappointed in many ways right now.
Honestly, I feel like some stories on episode are just so overrated.
Like some authors just take their reads for granted and somehow they manage to get over 100,000 reads when some small authors have like the best directing, editing, storyline, and characters but have less than 100 reads. I feel like I’m quite bad at writing episode story due to how bad I am at grammar. But I just want to experience that feeling when you have so many fans a high rank and tonnes of reads. I don’t expect to have 100,000 reads or hundreds of fans or be ranked number 1 in drama. But I feel like me and many other authors are just so underrated and I’m so sick of just simply not being proud of the work I do.
Does anyone else feel this way?


So true!! It feels like the episode trending page is just the same old content. This is NOT to say that the authors with 100 million reads don’t deserve it! But smalller authors still work just as hard and should be given more of a chance.


Everyone should deserve to have a chance!