So, I'm starting a new story. It's called Sign of Love

Main Character: Ayo

  • His name means full of joy
  • Age 25
  • African American
  • Likes: helping out people
  • Dislikes: People bullying others.

He has a crush on the mysterious new girl with golden brown eyes

Love Interest: Zareen

She will be a friend first, after she rejects his offer to go out on a date.

*Her parents named her, Zareen after she opened her golden brown eyes.

  • Ironically her name means made of gold.
  • Age 24
  • African American
  • Likes hanging out with Evan, her best friend, and getting to know Ayo.
  • Dislikes getting bumped into by strangers, being made fun of by Sara.
  • Is slowly getting to know Midori and Kate.
Ayo's Best Friend: Midori

Dated Ayo, once. They both mutually decided to remain friends

*She taught Ayo some Japanese

  • Childhood friend
  • Age:23
  • Likes hanging out with Ayo and Evan. She’s slowly getting to know Zareen.
Zareen's Best Friend: Evan

_Does not like Midori, lol she talks too much_But does like Kate a lot

  • He use to date Zareen, but he lost interest rather quickly. He cheated on her and it took him a year to regain her trust again.
  • He likes hanging out with Zareen, can’t stand Midori talking so much.
  • He dislikes Sara for pushing Zareen.
Ayo's Ex-Girlfriend: Kate

Doesn’t want Ayo, back. She has a crush on Evan

  • Age: 26
  • Irish-American
  • Dated Ayo for a year and they were never really on the same page.
  • Would like to get to know Zareen. Hangs out with Midori on occasion.
  • Dislikes Sara for some reason.
Zareen's Former Friend/ Now Enemy: Sara

desperately wants to be friends with Zareen, again. She just doesn’t know how to gain her trust back.

  • Age: 23
  • American
  • Likes baking and making fun at Zareen
  • The girls use to be friends until an accident that caused them to drift apart.
  • Dislikes her mom locking her out of the house and running away,

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I’d love to read this. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much. My story will start out different from the others on this app. I will try to include art scenes and music. However, it will be a visual novel much like I married a millionaire. Be prepared to learn a language. :wink:

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Moved to Share Feedback since this is about a story idea. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Love it! Have no idea what the plot is like (feel free to tell me though :wink:) but the cast seems really diverse and interesting - yay! :revolving_hearts:

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