So I'm Working On A Vampire Story, I Have A Quesiton

So I have this scene here, is the blood splatter on the wall, TOOO GORY? or is it fine? I don’t want to break guideline, and I will take the overlay out, if it is, I mean, it will exit out of the scene like that, and there will be only that scene that has that, the rest, just use the blood on the clothing, and victims being bitten, and exit out of the scene. XD Click the link to watch the video.

i have seen it been done in other stories, so i don’t think it is too gore. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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yeah, it’s hard to tell what episode sees as excessive use of blood overlays.

What you can do is add warning and give the reader a choice if he wants the full version or the one without blood overlays- I have done this in my story at one scene which might have been experienced by some people as too “bloody” -so they got the same scene just no blood overlays.

It was in the story before the big “check” and the episode didn’t have a problem with the scene.

If it’s just blood splatter on the wall I am pretty sure it’s OK.


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