So im writing a new story so plz check it out


so im writing a new and my frist story in episode and the name is MY LOVE TO A VAMPIRE so its not out yet so im still working as its my frist story there will be a lot of mistakes i guess but i think there will not be lying in bed cuz i tried it :lot


since it’s not out yet I can help if you need anything :slight_smile:


Want a cover for your story? Go here!


elaf im sorry but im not writing that story writing another one called love story im not sure that it will be published cuz it is hard can plz help me??


Of course, do you have instagram?




i will follow u first


Hey! I’m actually a new writer too, it would be great if you could read my story and I’ll read yours! Just two new writers helping each other out :slight_smile: Here’s the info;

Title: A Real-Life Fantasy

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 3 (still in the making)

Genre: Drama

Description: High school, that means drama, and of course, boys. But when Madison gets caught up in some life-changing drama, and a twist of events, high school just got a lot harder.