So it's my first time sketching

Any tips/ advice on improving my sketch :grimacing:


If that’s your first time then I can’t wait to see it in the future. It looks amazing, i think that watching videos may help you or maybe just practice makes perfect :slight_smile:


Aww thanks. :revolving_hearts:

I’ll be taking drawing class soon so I’ll probably improve by then

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That’s alright then, just take your time and everything will work out. :heartbeat:


That looks great! If you’re going for a fade on the eyebrows, try the sharp pen tool on Medibang and lower the opacity for the beginning of the eyebrow and increase the opacity as you fill it in. Also, for eyes, make an extra layer and change the layer to Add. Then eyedrop the brown color inside the eye and use a watercolor brush or airbrush and change the brush to a smaller size and start drawing inside the eye. The “Add” layer causes whatever color you pick to aluminate/glow when you draw on it.

Let’s talk about coloring your sketch. Create an additional layer, and with an airbrush or watercolor tool, select the base tone. Then, you want to select a darker shade and put that on the areas where shadows cast, such as the neck, and maybe the side of the face (on the right side). Create another layer, and this time set it to multiply. Eyedrop the base tone and use an airbrush tool with a medium opacity and work around the nose and eyes. Multiply helps the base tone have more depth. For highlights, you can create a layer and set it to Add.

Just experiment around with the layers to help you find what type of drawing style you like best, and your tools. I usually use wet brushes and a soft blending brush on Procreate.

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Thank you for the tips! I’ll try it now. I’m no expert on the layer thing. I have a hard time using it on Medibang lol :sweat_smile:

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