So many new accounts?


Why are there so many new accounts on the forums? It seems pretty fishy. I get some people forced there brothers to make an account but there are so many and it just doesn’t make since. Also! They’re making those hey I’m new here topics and they’ve all been put in correct spots. Does this not seem fishy to anyone else?

submitted my Mr. Anonymous


And they have all been boys too!


I know right! It’s super weird! I think some are suspended accounts, that’s my bet


Idk it’s confusing




For real! It’s really weird that now it’s to the point I’m asking myself are they even who they say they are?


I agree. I thought I was the only one who noticed the amount of accounts being created in a small amount of time.


A lot of them r bots


No because the bots can’t speak these are people making fake accounts. I really think this be receiving attention from the mods.


Oh my bad


Your good


I agree! I mean, at first it was just like, one guy, but then in the next few hours there’s like five!

And it kind of happened after the threads asking if there were any guys…


Y’ll crushing my hopes


And yeah, about them all being out in the right category…
When I started the forums I had absolutely no idea what the categories mean or like anything.


Back on the old forums , guys were such a rarity to see .
But now they seem to suddenly pop-up everywhere.


I didn’t even think about that. Omg, they could be something bad or something.


Honestly, I noticed this too, I always thought it was the drama seekers spying, or may be suspended.

Or people are just trolling.


They’re all asking to be “friends”, too.


Yeah. I replied to like two or three, but then I stopped. It was getting weird.


Same. I replied to one and that was it.