So, this is hard work

So, I am incredibly new to this community. Having just started writing my very first story, I’ve come to realize that a lot goes into it. I mean… scripting, coding, getting camera angles, screen positions and behaviors just right… Playing stories on the Episode app, I really thought “oh, it must be super easy to make stories on here.”
Yeah, no. I was completely wrong. So cheers to all the experienced Community members and good luck to all of us newbies. It’s hard work; but it’s so much fun to see your work come to life on screen. If you’ve published a new (or your first story) post the title here. A little more exposure never hurts :slight_smile:


What’s your story? I’ll be happy to read it!

I haven’t published it yet. i just finished the 3rd scene. lol I haven’t even come up with a title yet. :joy:
But as soon as I do, I’ll post it here.
Do you have any stories? I love reading them. I have a new appreciation for the writers/creators on this site/app. :slight_smile:


It definitely takes a lot to make an episode, especially with directing. But it’s so rewarding when it’s published for others to read!


Oof, I do but they are just an oof/ we don’t talk about that :joy:

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It gets easier! Hang in there


i am on my third story but still havent really got populare (the first suck and the second was discontinued)

anyway been new i will recomand you going on youtube and search joseph evans he makes some great toturials


LOL I made a short practice script to teach myself how everything works. Never ever going to published lmao

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I know, right? I really thought that it was going to be super easy… and when I started making one, I ate my own words. lol

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Cool. Thanks for the tip =)
I’m sure it doesn’t suck that bad. Nothing can suck more than my practice script which will never see the light of day. LOL

rightt. when i was younger i thought hm, doesn’t seem too hard but now i’m like UGH WHY

also i can’t handle anything at all but that doesn’t matter

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I think I’m getting the hang of the basics. I still have to check the guides every now and again. =) and I frequent the “stupid questions” post in the creators corner. :rofl:

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It’s okay, I feel the same sometimes!

I know lots of coding but my creativity is not good. I can direct a lot of things but the stories I make are really cheesy.

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They probably aren’t as bad as you think they are. I’m very “type- A” so I’m highly critical of basically everything I do. lol
Besides, sometimes a little cheesy-ness is good. lol

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I’m a perfectionist when it comes to writing so I hate the cheesiness.

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Like I said, it’s probably not that bad. I’d give one a read if you’d like? Sometimes we, the perfectionists, are overly critical of things. Getting feedback from someone else might help? I’m working on my first story and I’m sure my husband is sick of reading through new scenes with me. (helps me hear how something reads; so i can make adjustments, change words and sentences around. if that makes sense?)

I just feel like my characters will be too dumb or something, I dunno.

I find that writing out backgrounds for each character really helps me kind of get into their minds, gives them personality. I give them all birthdates, a life story, what makes them who they are before writing. That way they feel more real to me. I can think “hmm, that’s not really something someone like |character| would say/do”.

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My original script has so many cross outs and re-writes that it looks like a pen exploded all over it. LOL