So this story says missing information

I keep talking to one of the episode staff since Friday but it hasnt gotten resolved :frowning:

Following this… I never got a proper response, either. I had the same issue, but I had tried literally everything they suggested to no avail. My ticket then got closed on me because I had no time to respond :roll_eyes:

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If your ticket ever gets closed on you, create a follow-up and be forceful. They’re notorious for closing tickets that are inconvenient. You can also give the person a bad review experience when they ask you to rate it and express your experience. This is one of the many things about their support team that piss me off. It’s completely unprofessional.


Oh the ticket is still open for me

This is the first time this issue happened to me. The ticket is still open but I uninstall restarted my phone
They thought it is a internet problem which it isnt
So I responded back today now waiting.

If they give you issues when they respond, feel free to send me a DM and I can help you figure out what to say to them in response. I’ve had a lot of practice (unfortunately lol)


And it’s one of my friends stories and its frustrating. This is the only story that is giving me a problem!

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Oh the person who is talking to me is polite so far but i wish i can read the story properly instead of the error message.

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They’re usually polite but they can still be frustrating to talk to. So yeah just saying I’m happy to help if it gets to that point.

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Oh yeah thanks! :relaxed:

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Update nothing has been resolved so far . but i am hoping soon!