So u have any good stories

Hey guys , so I was reading pregnant by my student and it’s so weird every time she sleep with someone like 4 times a week wtf?!
So do u have any good stories okay not the basics one like precious mistake , not interested Okay I read them something new !


Santa’s naughty list, Happenstance, Your Secret Admirer, Rune, Falling for sin, X, The downward spiral, Pregnant by a nerd, Love, Reece, Loud Love, Runaway: Trouble

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Omg tysm

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No problem!

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Also 14 months!! I almost forgot oops

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Thnx baby girl :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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These are my favorite reads.

I have a story called The Hated Twin if you would like to check it out, It’s decent I suppose. But I have to recommend others stories I would say Bad blood, My Episode Lover, Blake, Dripping Mascara & He can’t tame me.

Omg tysm tysm​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Thnx so much and i will check ur story