So um.. I need a co-writer- (read below to see my story idea)

have a amazing idea for a story ! but I rly need a co writer since im still new to this stuff (in my opinion)
anyways, this is my idea:

:cherries:Theres a girl, she’s been hurt from her ex who was careless and verbally abusive (low-key a physic plus he cheated) she’s still recovering when she hears some terrible news- her bestfriend was murdered at a fancy party. to make matters worse, the police could find any security footage or evidence of the guy, they closed the case. She was pretty pissed off so she decided to take matters into her own hands and hires a private investigator… during the course of the story they slowly fall in love with each other! The murderers true identity may surprise her as he was closer to her than she thought :wink::cherries:


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