So um... Writing partner?

I don’t know whether to call it a writing partner more than a brainstorming buddy that helps me come up with ideas for characters, outfits and things like plot twists…
Okay maybe I do need a writing partner…
BUT we would need to communicate on my writing insta and we can just give each other ideas back and forth uwu.
IdK If you’re not interested in writing a story but you’re willing to help me out with one, that would be amazing.
Let me know if you’re interested uwuwu

Hey, I’m interested. What’s your ig ?

It’s an extremely new account so please don’t be freaked out when you search it up and find an empty page

:sweat_smile: :confounded: :confounded:

Just followed and messaged you

I would liek to help!
My ig is @epy.peppermints