So, what abt Episode VIP?

We think it’s based off the users buying habits in the past

I messaged them about it because it annoyed me how they took the 30 day offer off the app haha I HATE the vip offer:(!! The response I had was
‘Hi Sophie,

Thanks for contacting Episode Support!

In order to create a better experience for players and make sure that the special offers released are the best they can be, the team will sometimes release certain special offers to small groups of players to make sure everything is working properly. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our support tools, we are unable to manually send special offers to players’ profiles, and do not have any information regarding when you can expect to receive certain special offers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for your patience.’

So don’t expect it to come back anytime soon:(

I can’t even get it to work, just flashes loading screen when I touch it.

It’s complete b.s. They give different options to different people, some of which are of substantially more value than others. I have been buying the $6.99usd/week for unlimited passes and 50 gems bonus+10 gems/day for several months. Prior I was spending about $10 a week on passes. Today I got a notification they won’t be offering the VIP pack anymore…so guess who isn’t going back to the $10 for 40 passes a week, plus having to watch the sh!ttiest ads known to humankind EVERY SINGLE episode? I might play my free passes. Or I might just stop with this app altogether. Episode can p!ss off with that nonsense.


What’s the point of this VIP offer? You get a better deal with the 30 day unlimited passes then with VIP offer. Plus I accidentally bought the VIP offer because I didn’t see the usual 30-day unlimited tickets. I read the offer wrong and it said EPISODE ORIGINALS ONLY!
I was so angry to waste money on this mess and to make matters worse, you have to keep paying for gems just for the choices!! This is why I read the community stories!! More chapters, better content, and no gems!! I wish I can cancel it because now it’s just a waste of money.

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Didn’t realize that it’s for featured stories only until you pointed it out. What a waste of money, wtf. $7, really?

Yes honey! I was so d*mn mad for wasting my money. Plus I noticed a lot of authors are asking for jems to keep their ranks??? What TF does that mean?! I thought creating stories was supposed to be about being creative and having fun.


Is there a way to still get the 30 day ad free unlimited passes?! Thats the only deal thats worth doing and I cant find it anywhere

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I think they got rid of that? It was a test I think

Nah, I’ve still got it (:

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Mine isn’t the anymore. The offer to use it at least. I don’t see it anymore

I am not paying for this sh*t. Don’t get me wrong, I love Episode but It’s just too much. I’d rather wait than to pay for this.

Unfortunately, I think it is permanent.