So... what do you think of my story?



So… I haven’t really finished the story yet… but I’d really like to get peoples opinion on at least the description.

Kamren Jayles: blank slate, daughter of a government spy, and in love with a man from the other side. In a world at war, year 2489: Kamren joins a secret organization where people under the age of 25 fight the other side. The world outside of this new age America. With time slipping away, she is forced to become something she is not—something that nobody should be.

So? Would you read this? I haven’t finished the first three episodes yet, but I’ll update for people who wanna read. :upside_down_face:


I would, sounds intriguing!


I would also love to read this! Tell me when it’s published please!


So far, with Episodes rate with processing my backgrounds, I’d say by the end of the month.


I’ll be honest. Im more the type of person to read Romantic Episode Storys

BUT This is just… Amazing it’s very well put together and I would highly recommend this story to others!