So….what’s up with Episode right now? 🤨

ok so I don’t know if this is just me, but recently the Episode app has had a lot of changes and it’s kind of unsettling to me….

first of all, the way to edit your bio has changed. before, I used to click on my bio and type directly on the page with a full range of motion, but now I get this:

the bio font has changed and it won’t fully portray emojis :thinking: and when you click on another author’s bio, you don’t get the full page, just this:

love you melaniny :heart:

also, a lot of features have been taken down, such as the fanmail and screen record features which are gone.
I also get a message pop up on Episode a lot saying something about rewarding live videos :face_with_monocle:

can someone fill me in please? :sweat_smile:


I think they’re just trying to make changes with the app, and none of these “issues” will be permanent. They had also removed fan mail from iOS devices (brought it back on Androids), and I recently had a pop up that the video reward feature was down and would be fixed/updated soon.

But I’m not 100% positive since I don’t closely follow what all Episodes doing and their updates :relaxed:


I still have my screen recording video I’m using iOS.


I hope they ain’t permanent, cause I don’t like the update

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Me either! Especially the profile bio change. :woozy_face:

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I was thinking the same thing about the profile bio change. I can’t say I’m a fan :neutral_face:


Maybe it’s different for everyone?
I can still the emojis on my profile and write normally as before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please tell me that the fan mail will be brought back up again for iOS soon- I desperately want to write to some authors after reading their incredible stories, they really do deserve the praise for the amount of effort they put in… cough Wincy cough :pleading_face:

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It’ll be brought back at some point, I’m just not sure when, unfortunately :pensive:

ikr, it’s awful :sob: I thought I was the only one who thought this lol

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