So Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?


Okay, as much as I love a good bad boy story… we need more stories with good boy roles/love interests. I’m not saying we need less bad boy stories, I’m just saying I’d like to see more stories with a good boys. I’d really love to see more stories with a love interest that’s a Golden Boy, because that could be really fun. I also would like to see a story about a single dad maybe. (sorry a little off topic lol) Apartment 143 was one of my absolute favorite story, mainly on the fact it had a character (Riven) that gave off a Golden Boy attitude.

On the topic of male roles, we need more stories from a males POV. I’ve only read about a handful of good stories told from a males POV, we need more! Like a story with a regular school boy who falls in love with the daughter of a gang leader… Okay maybe not that but you get my point!

Sorry this was all over the place, I’m just super tired and in the mood to rant/complain.


That title made me lol. Agree with what you said.


Lol, thank you!


they like day dreaming about all the things they can do together, sex and in general having fun.


i agree with you about the male main character thing, so i’m writing a story from a male pov for the College Days contest


I totally agree with you! Bad boy stories are so overrated to say the least!

But that I think girls mainly like bad boys because they are a challenge. The sense of adventure they bring about. Is what really roped the girls in.

I agree there do need to be more male POV for Episode stories as well!


Girls dont like bad boys because they are bad…its when they act nicer(even if its a small act of kindness) tht makes them like them more. U get intrigued by the aloofness. Golden boys are kinda cliche to me…generic nice guy whos just nice…passive…
Scenario (intro)
Ur in a classroom
Theres a guy in the corner sitting silently in some sorta black outfit not talking to anyone.(“bad boy”)
Theres another guy sitting in the front of the classroom smiling laughing with his friends(much like other ppl in the classroom)(“good guy”)

Scenario 2
(Ur in an alley or its dark theres a mugger)
The guy demands ur money(ur denfenseless and no ur not gonna attack the mugger)
While ur hemed up u hear footsteps its the guy in the back of the class from earlier…he rescues u and takes u to a cafe…hes uncouth rude BUT he saved u from an attacker…so ur intruiged as to why he even gave a damn in the 1st place. U go home(he escorts u)

Guy 2 rescues you and takes u to a cafe. U two talk for a while and he reveals he didnt “wanna see u get hurt” sweet. U walk home and he hugs u before u go inside.

Bottom line its how badboys are written and how golden guys are written…and lastly…its a matter of prefrence…to me BBs are potrayed as more complex and GG are potrayed as a “better” alternative because he says sweet nothings to the MC.


Tbh I just find bad boys really annoying, and when the innocent protagonist falls for them I just want to stop reading. They’re often really rude to the MC at first and she’s swooning over him a second later. Personally, I’d love to see more stories about boys/girls who actually care about the MC and aren’t super obnoxious.


Its a character development issue as well. The author makes the MC fall hard for any crush not just bad boys…they say they “love” their crush in a few days after meeting them >->
Whatever the prefrence i like a good slow burn romance as a subplot to any genere of story.


(He Can’t Tame Me) is a good story if your looking for something different for example, there’s a golden boy that is always good in school and get’s the best grades however, he’s asked (well kind of forced) by the headteacher if he can tame one of her bad students a (girl) and if he can make her change for the better. However, this bad student has a plan on trying to corrupt him instead. (This story also, is good for explaining several health issues such as disorders and really goes in hard it’s very touching but also funny at the same time :slight_smile:


YES, this is what I mean. As much as I love a good bad boy story, I hate how they make the MC’s. They make the MC’s “strong,” yet whenever the MC’s crush comes their way, the MC goes crazy. I in no way can relate to that.


Yeah, I can def agree that bad boys are a challenge, but so are some golden boys. I personally knew a “golden boy” (he was literally the definition of a golden boy, no joke) who was very challenging for the girls who liked him.


Oh okay, thank you I will totally add this to my reading list!


I think it’s because girls like to get what they can’t have :woman_shrugging:
And also, the whole omg I can turn him good thing comes into action, but honestly I’m with you!
I want a shy, sweet, gentleman and somewhat witty love interest!


Hello There! :yellow_heart:
This may sound potentially off-topic, but I stalked your profile (ahem ahem) and I went bonkers by reading your profile bio :joy:and, it also kinda confused me that why a ‘typicalbadboy’ would ask for a ‘Good Boy Story’ (I am sorry if you find my remarks remarkably insane and…are you a boy in real life? And that too, a bad one?)
…if you feel awkward answering the above, just ignore, haha…

Now, to answer your question, first think of that ‘Forbidden Fruit’ concept. Your elder has told you not to eat from that cookie jar as its forbidden. But you still want to because…you like the thrill? Of getting caught? Of not getting caught? Of being spontaneous? Of being a little disobedient towards that elder? Of some other reason?
Same way, good girls find bad guys enticing! People tell them to stay away from them, but they can’t really, can they? They are like that ‘Forbidden Fruit’! And Forbidden Fruit always seems to taste sweeter (the jar of Oreos safely locked in the kitchen cupboard…yummm :yum:).

Well, I never read Apartment 143 before (it must be good as its a Natasha H story and…cuz you said so haha), but I think you should check out the following –

  • The Ruby Tiara
  • Fall For Me by Alex Light
  • Germaphobe
  • Loving In Retrospect by Nour
  • Crossed Paths by Dreamer

…I have so many, but its kinda hard to list them out :sweat_smile: I will try to, next time probs!

I have one story of mine which has a male main character. It is a superhero-ish story (not much romance stuff is there, sorry :wink:). I am not promoting it (as it would be spam here :sweat_smile:) but you can check it out on my profile.
I get it why there are so many less male MC stories. Authors tend to focus just too much on the teen female population, they feel that not much male readers are there. What’s the use to include them anyway?
But there are some authors who consider the diversity and have made some wonderful, awesome stories –

  • Astronomy Gossip by Echo_D
  • Lingerie and Gossip
  • Housedude
  • Bad Boy In Town
  • Destiny Dispatcher by Echo_D
  • The Confessions Of A 40 Year Old Heartthrob
  • Donor Daddy

Damn, this reply was long-ass. I just get carried away in the moment :sweat_smile:
Hope this helps!


To answer your first question, I don’t know. I just find the bad boy stereotype funny in a sense, so I named my acc after it.

Also, I agree with the forbidden fruit concept, but I feel like if you want a more realistic story… You would not have the love interest to be a bad boy because bad boys are too much of a risk. I have seen stories with very realistic concept and a very strong MC, yet the MC always falls for the bad boy, which seems out of character. (You may not understand what I mean sorry lol)

Also for the stories you recommended, I’ve read…

Donor Daddy
Bad Boy In Town
The Confessions Of A 40 Year Old Bad Boy
The Ruby Tiara
And Fall For Me


My favourite story of all time is by Nour D,


it’s amazing, the use of overlays and directing is amazing as well, and the main character is a boy and is also not the typical bad boy type. The love interest comes from a difficult family and they use translating overlays when she speaks in Lebanese? (The story is set in Lebanon). The backgrounds are great as well, and, yes, Loving in retrospect by her is great but it’s currently revamping. Anyways, You should totally read it, it’s amazing. It only has 5 episode though, but so much effort has been put into it that I’m so impressed.


I loved He Can’t Tame Me, but I didn’t like the author getting so angry over people not wanting to play as her characters. She was constantly trying to get people to delete their customized ones :confused:
However, the story did help me discover the symptoms of OCD, which has lead me to have a better diagnosis of my mental health.


I’m writing one similar to everything you’ve mentioned except for this right here. XDXD


Oh well, you can send it to me, ya know shrug if you want. :wink: