So, you tried to read Chain Reaction. Would you read this parody of it? (UPDATED)

Hello there! I have a story idea designed to be a spin-off/parody of the controversial Episode original “Chain Reaction”. I have never read “Chain Reaction”, but, when granted unlimited passes, I have read mafia stories in order to collect gems. Not my cup of tea. Anyways, when reading through the thread “I tried to read Chain Reaction”, I got an idea…

  1. The whole thing is gender swapped. (This is subject to change)
  2. The main character’s homelessness is given some context: They were kicked out of their home after coming out as gay
  3. Just as in the original, the MC witnesses a murder
  4. This time, the kidnapper (who is not the love interest), is told by her boss to kill the MC
  5. The Kidnapper (who is a woman in this version), disobeys orders and kidnaps MC instead
  6. The kidnapper reveals that she is a lesbian who has been trying to get out of the gang for years, and sees the MC as a way out
  7. The MC and the kidnapper work together to escape- but then things start to go wrong
  8. Until the MC’s cop boyfriend saves them
  9. The kidnapper goes to jail but, due to her help in exposing the gang, is able to receive a lighter sentence. Eventually, she opens a homeless shelter.
  10. The MC and his cop boyfriend move in together after the cop boyfriend gets promoted.

The working title? Rainbow Reaction.

UPDATE: The title has been scrapped. After thinking about it more, I realized that the title (as well as this plot summary) makes it sound like I am treating the LGBTQ+ community as a novelty gimmick to throw into a story. This was never my intention. I will also be making a ton of changes to this plot. It will NOT just be “gay parody of Chain Reaction”.

Update #2: See the end of this post for my new “elevator pitch” of this idea. I really love feedback, even if it is negative.

Would you read this story?

  • I would read this story!
  • I support the story, but I wouldn’t read it.
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea.
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So, I like the idea of a parody/satire-heavy story based on all the tropes of the trending mafia stories - -however the part I don’t like is the feeling I get reading the 'reveals she’s a lesbian who has been trying to get out of the gang for years" - -why does her being a lesbian matter? Idk how to explain why I don’t like the way being gay is represented in the idea, but I know I don’t.


I haven’t read chain reaction nor do I exactly know how you want to do it, but writing a parody or making “fun” of a particular story could get you in trouble regarding plagiarism and in general I think it’s wrong to make fun of a particular story, even if you don’t like it.
However, I’ve seen parodies of mafia stories in general, and even if I’m not a fan of those, I think that would work better for you.


The idea is to make it intensely obvious that the MC and the kidnapper are not going to be a couple.

Also, most of those stories really play into heteronormativity, and I think it would be interesting to counteract that by having all of the main characters be members of the LGBT+ community.

Thanks for the warning- I will definitely be changing the title and more of the plot. This is just a rough dump of ideas. I’ve read a lot about plagiarism rules, and parody is very much protected. (Ex., Potter Puppet Pals, A Very Potter Musical)


I would say this probably isn’t a good idea. It’s not really obvious how it’s a parody, it more comes off like you’re simply taking the plot of the original story and inserting different characters in the place of the original.

I haven’t read the original, but from what I’ve heard, it’s not very well-received by some in the community for specific reasons so I assume the purpose of this is to improve upon the original somehow based on those criticisms. But I would say that this version doesn’t really improve it, it just changes elements of it, and those changes don’t seem to address the specific issues that might be taken with the original. Making the characters gay doesn’t really address the issues, rather, it changes it entirely and eliminates the opportunity to perhaps correct the source material’s mistakes.

Regardless of those critiques, I think creating a parody of a project from another creator just wouldn’t be a good idea in general. It would be different if it were parody of a popular tv-show or blockbuster film, because that way, it isn’t really targeting, it’s just commenting on something commonly known in pop culture. In this instance, though, it comes off a bit like targeting a specific author, whether intended or not. I understand the vision behind this, but I think it would better serve you creatively to write an entirely new and original story for readers to enjoy!

I hope that makes sense, the purpose of this reply is not to put down you idea, but to offer a different perspective.


this is just my opinion but parodies are becoming stale. unless this is a passion project for you, i really don’t see the point in trying to garner a few laughs from a limited number of people when you could be focused on writing an original story instead. also, the story being a direct parody of just one particular book and not the overall mafia genre is so unnecessary and not a nice thing to do. i just think there are better things you could be focused on.


I have read Miss Mj’s story Chain reaction I would say this is a very bad idea you can get in serious trouble for copying i however don’t think it’s okay to make fun of someones story because you don’t like it it’s not okay…i however love her stories… I’m a mafia writer myself and I would be upset if they wrote a story about mine as a joke I wouldn’t think it’s funny it would hurt my feelings as it would hurt MJ as well so please don’t do it


Regardless of how many of us that didn’t exactly “love” this story, I don’t think this idea would be okay at all… Look at it as if someone made fun of/made a “parody” of your story… this is just my opinion though although I think doing this would be hurtful in many ways.


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I’m sorry but I wouldn’t do this. Authors on episode can be very territorial of their work. Now I myself have been inspired to write a story based on another and made my changes to it, had a similar plot but changed it to be unique. When I wrote mine I made a list of our differences. So if you are going to do it change it up a lot so if Miss Mj does come at you, you can point out differences. But if it’s borderline close but barely changes, she or someone can report you for copying and have your story removed off episode for good. All your hard work of coding can be gone. I would just be careful. Now a reader came to me saying my one story reminded her of the story I got inspiration from but our storylines are different, just a similar plot of where the girl is using the guy at first but falls in love, he thinks she betrayed him, blah blah blah. But that plot is very common to use here on episode and she’s not the first. I made it my own and made necessary changes to make it unique. So you can do this but be careful and try to make more changes. Just be careful.


Ok, so that clearly was not a very good idea. I have decided that (after I finish my current stories) I will make this story into a drama, not a parody. Instead of a mafia parody, it will be a fantasy or sci-fi story in which, instead of the mafia, the MC encounters an evil fantastical group and gets caught in the middle of a bigger conflict. The general idea remains the same: taking the ordinarily over-sexualized “baddie” and turning them into a slightly tragic figure who is able to befriend the main character, but never be in a romantic relationship with the main character.

Also, the new working title is “Locked in a Closet”

Obviously, it will be a long time before I can actually focus on this concept, but I am curious as to what you think.

  • Still a bad idea, I would not read/support it
  • Still a bad idea, but I would read it
  • Good/better idea, I would read it
  • Good/better idea, but I would not read it
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