Soccer ads (a word from our sponsors)


Is everyone on episode getting the soccer ads? I have no interest in soccer, particularly European soccer, yet they keep putting them on the word from sponsors.
I’m just wondering if everyone is getting them. I usually get Australian ads (sometimes American) but now it seems, like I have to watch a soccer ad EVERY time I get a word from the sponsor. Do Americans get the, too? I hope I’m not getting them because of the deluded outdated myth that “Australians like everything the British do.”
I hate soccer and I don’t want to think it’s just us getting the ads because other countries think it’s the number 1 sport here (it isn’t.)
So do other countries get this too? Is there a way to change ad preferences?


All of my ads are ads for logic games, or makeup apps (I live in America). I’ve never gotten soccer ads though…


Great. Since the world cup it seems been flooded here. It’s bad enough trying to escape it on the media. I’m tired of this “just do for Australia like England” attitude, like we have no mind of our own.
If they don’t do it for America, they shouldn’t do it here. Why would I be interested in European soccer teams?


That must suck! I’ve always wished to visit Australia! When I get to an ad I hate, I just turn of the volume and put it face down on the floor. Then I wait 30 seconds. It’s better then watching annoying ads though.


It’s more like showing headlining soccer news. Why would I care about soccer teams in Europe. I mean, it would almost be acceptable if it was Australian teams (Australian rules football is the most popular sport here), but I think it’s lazy because they just assume we mindless follow the British. I used to get gane ads (still do) but every second one is about European soccer teams. Why can’t we just have what America does?


Lol I would rather have soccer news than makeup reviews and whatnot.


I live in AUS and I get makeup ads and apps for games


Lucky. I get that but never without one soccer shit.
I wish I could change the preference for at least NBA news. At least that’s interesting.


I’m in Britain, football is everywhere same with the rest of the world, except like America and Australia.


Um no. Canada, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Cuba, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, Paula New Guinea, Philippines (and probably more) have different national sports.
Thanks for getting slightly back on topic though.
I just really want to know why I’m getting these.


Yeah I know I just meant it’s widely known, I used to live in Bangladesh (definitely exposed to football, same with India and Pakistan, but their mostly cricket), to be honest it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day it is a one minute advert.


I know, but my question is why am I getting these when the vast majority of people here don’t seem to.
And technically soccer is the same everywhere in the world. No country plays it differently.


I didn’t say that I just said they’re exposed to it…

Know I see what you’re saying, you find it strange. :heart:


You said soccer is the same everywhere except Australia and America. I didnt understand.
Anyway this is way off topic. I don’t understand why I’m being singled out for it. I’d rather news that is relative to my country or at least interests


It doesn’t really matter. In the end, ads are ads. Also football is the greatest sport!


Nah. Soccer’s boring. Honestly, lawn bowls has more action


Soccer is the sport that brings countries together! It’s literally the greatest thing ever created! (besides me of course lol)


Football (I call it soccer) is easily the most popular sport in the world. Not sure why only you seem to be getting these ads, but if you’re going to get an ad depicting any sport, it makes sense that it’s football. Maybe you’re personally not interested in it, but globally, users are more likely to be interested in football than any other sport.


Lol rice is the most popular food on earth. Doesn’t mean it’s the best. Sorry I find soccer, as we call it, totall unexciting and boring.


Lol that’s what people say about cricket. Honestly, both sports bore me to tears.