Social Experiment Results

While on fourms, I’ve made multiple threads: Promote your stories & Random questions/opinions. I’ve noticed people are quicker to promote a story rather to respond to a Help Thread/ another thread. I just wanted to share my secret (Now public) social experiment result.


Sometimes its kinda annoying to be honest. Once I saw a thread about giving out cover art and a couple of people advertised their stories there which is disrespectful to the artist.


Agree @dqrkskin if the thread is not about r4r then you should’t put your story there! Go through and find threads that no one has comment on or have very little and see if they need help with something, sometimes its just they want to talk witch is fine also!


Would love to know where complaining threads would rank in this social experiment.

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Thank you for sharing these results, but let’s face it, we all know this is not a secret :laughing:


Your welcome! And yes it is very public.

What do you mean?

I was meaning the threads that are like “what do you hate about episode?” and “what do you hate in stories?”

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Oh okay.

I doesn’t surprise me that people are faster to promote their story than helping others.
Even on some R4R threads people are seriously selfish. I made a R4R thread about wanting to read other stories that had less than 1000 reads, but still there was a person who linked to her story which had 4000+ reads (and I’ve seen the same person do this in EVERY thread about R4R). I just really hate that some authors are so keen on getting reads that they don’t even have the decency to read the requirements. And although I definitely want everyone’s stories to do well, I am furious about people promoting their story in a thread for really unknown authors when their story is doing fine anyway!
I see this kind of insensitivity a lot and I just really wish people would break out of their ego once in a while.


It does make sense, though. Probably 90% or more of people on the forums will have a story to share, but fewer will have an answer to people’s questions or problems. So it’ll generally take longer for questions to get answered than for someone to promote their story.
I’m sure selfishness plays a part too, but I’ve found people on the forums very eager to help when they can in general :slight_smile:

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