Social media background

Hello, sorry to be a bother but I was just looking for somebody willing to create a social media background for me that includes a character from my story and a number of likes/comments. Thank you.

I can, but if the format is too similar to Instagram or Facebook episode won’t approve it.

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I can create something like this for you? This is what mine looks like.

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I can make it for you if you want. Both Limelight or Ink. With and Without Characters. :blush::grin:
Here’s my examples:

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Okay thank you. Tbh it doesn’t matter what it is I just want like a background that looks like a post from social media as in like a photo with one of my characters on it doing something that she shouldn’t.

Thoughts? Caption goes in the bottom white part.

That’s really good, thank you!

I do like this template very much however the photo that I would like posted is probably a little bit difficult!

Send it this way, I’ll figure something out

So basically I wanted one of my characters to be doing something on the post (the one that’s up there^) but I’m not sure on what I want her to do. Basically it’s like a public humiliation post so just something that’s humiliating really

Well, along as it doesn’t contain copyrighted or third-party content (eg logos), it should get approved.