•Social Media Backgrounds• [REVAMPED][OPEN]

* - Required


Fill out the form of your choice and include the password in your request, socialunicorn . Please note that any requests out of the format will be ignored or denied. Once I like your request, it means I accepted it!





•Dating profile
•Msg (messages)
•Snapchat (EpiSnap) COMING SOON
•Instagram (EpiGram)
•Music: Spotify/ITunes (EpiSpot/Interactive Tunes)
•YouTube (EpiTube) COMING SOON


Instagram format

*Display name:




Profile bio:

Profile post number (Include the images of post.):


*Profile Location:

Phone number:


Message format

*Contact name:

*Contact picture:


*Outgoing or receiving:



Screensaver format

*Time and date:

*Wallpaper photo:



Dating app format

*Age (must be 18+):
*Friends (two digit number only):
*Interests (one digit number only):


Waiting list

[1] @Mya.writes
[2] @Pinkhead
[3] empty
[4] empty


what happend to the other one

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o ok so we request here

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Can I have a screensaver
Time:2;30 pm Date: Wensday May 22
Wallpaper photo:

Notification forom snapchat,instagram,imessages
password: socialunicorn

Have you asked the other thread to be closed? :nerd_face: :revolving_hearts:

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Oh almost forgot!

That’s OK :joy:

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@rogueallmighty request here now!

Dating profile
*Friends: 12
*Interests: 3
*pfp: Capture
*Username: Donny Black

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Can I have 2 iTunes
Here’s the first one:

Song Title: Bye Bye
Artist Name: Priya
Pic used:

Here’s the second one:
Song title: Nope
Artist name: Priya
Pic used:

Password: socialunicorn :kissing_heart:
Thanks :two_hearts:

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Can I have two music ones?

Song Title: Colored Eggs
Artist Name: Faye

Song Title: Fluff and Color
Artist Name: Faye

Password socialunicorn

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Mhm! Just got back from school! I’ll get on it later on.

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Ok thank you :blush:

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Hey, Can I request again? I love this thread :grin::blush:
Here’s my request
-Display name: Harley
-Username: HarleyRivers
-Followers: 458k
-Following: 35
-Profile bio: - Harley Rivers - Turning 18
-Profile post number: 7
Here are the pics:

Her pfp:

Password: Socialunicorn
Thanks :gift_heart::sparkling_heart:

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