Social Media Menagerie

I’m not sure if there’s an official post/topic for social media accounts, but I didn’t find one.

Please post all episode related social media links including the app.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, others?
Which ones are you most active on? Why did you create the accounts?
Pros and cons?
You can also put that you are just on the forum and/or app :slight_smile:

~Wherever you go, we’ll follow~

Episode Forum: lamecast88
-Very helpful and fun to be here. Helps to unwind and take a break from writing or to help your story along! I’m on here almost daily, even if I’m quiet haha :shushing_face:
Episode App: LameCast
-Needed this lol and I’m active a few times a week. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Instagram: lamecast.episode
-Created to promote and discover! Fairly active on here. :grin:
Facebook: LameCast Episode Author
-Created this for my spotify playlist. I use my personal FB alot! But I wanted a separate episode account for privacy reasons. Hope to be more active here. :sunglasses:
Twitter: lamecast88
-Used to love twitter! Hope to be more active and fall in love again :heart_eyes:
Youtube: Leila Marie Castello
-Want to eventually post videos. Active only in watching lol

Pros and cons:
Episode app. PROS: not much to say. Helpful for readers to find authors and their stories. Needed for writers to promote and connect thru fanmail. CONS: None for me
Episode forums. PROS: Overall helpful and occasionally distracting lol. CONS: I sometimes stumble upon drama posts. I get it happens, but still sucky to see.
Facebook. PROS: Use to this platform and I have control over what I see. CONS: Unsure. Does anyone use this for episode related stuff? Promotion?
Twitter. PROS: Can be used for quick little chats, quotes, and quips to connect with fellow readers and writers. CONS: Sometimes it can get cluttered with old tweets that I’ve missed.
Instagram. PROS: Great place to see pics, promotions, reviews, art, etc. CONS: I want control over whose posts I see daily or first.
Youtube. PROS: More video time to show what you’ve been up to. Lots of users/watchers. CONS: Personally have not used much of yet and possibly ads.

Episode Forum:
Episode App:

Any others?

Please forgive me if I look chatty. Can I look chatty in writing?
I’ve had a big cup of coffee and a great night’s sleep. WOOHOO

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Episode forum : 24aya

  • because I wanted to chat chat and chat😅and eat some cakes😋
    Episode app:@ya
  • because I wanted to publish my story🤗and read some too

I don’t have anything other than these two , not for my personal use too😓

Pros-> promote story , know about others and chatttttt😂
Cons-> nothing :thinking:
Pros-> read stories , follow Author and to write
Cons-> maybe not :thinking:
Not chatty , maybe writty (from write):joy:

Episode Forum: Briana M.
Episode App: Briana M.
Instagram: brianam.stories
Twitter: BrianaStories