Sofia and Drama's (aka Queenie's) wedding!



The wedding is being prepared, people! Take your seats, prepare your roles and get ready for an amazing wedding! I can barely contain my excitement!

Yes, @sofia2 and my wedding has FINALLY arrived. I’m too lazy to tag people or show them roles, but I will leave a link on the plan thread. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Plan thread is here!
The actual wedding will start in half an hour! Thank you for coming, and enjoy! Note you are able to take +1’s. :wink:

My Wedding Plans! 💍

Where is everyone??


Oh no, is the wedding cancelled?? I even brought passion fruit slushies as a wedding gift…


I brought a nice chocolate fountain man it’s beautiful.


It’ll be such a shame if no one comes… Then again that would mean more chocolate for me?




You should give me a slushy as well this chocolate is expensive.


Sure, is passion fruit okay?


Yeah sure I’ll take it.


Okay, here~ Gives slushie


takes slushy Thanks man. motion towards chocolate fountain enjoy.


I think they’re still preparing


Thanks! Moves closer to fountain


I watch as he moves closer. Be careful each drop is worth more then four mansions put together.


Haha thanks for the heads up! Upon hearing that I freeze, worried of the reaction on her face should I spill a drop

(What is this, a RP now?)




walks towards SA and Choco Hello
(Might as well)


I nod towards Star.

What’s up auntie.


Oh, hey Silver! You’re on Queenie’s side right? The bridesmaid if I’m not wrong?


Hi I’m @sofia2 bridesmaid