Sofia's help thread!

hey guys! since i’m getting used to episode, i thought i’d make a help thread. here are some rules-

  • please DO NOT post your own separate stuff on my thread. you can always make your own.
    -you’re welcome to answer a question that someone else asked on the thread, i know some people don’t allow that but i would love the help. just make sure that your answer is reliable and relevant :slight_smile:
    -make sure to check out my drive folder before asking your question, in case it might already be said there.

thanks for your support! i really want to help the episode community, since i’m new to it myself. i will try and answer your questions as soon as i can. love u all!

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There isn’t anything

on my drive folder? yeah i know haha. i just made it today. working on it this week. sorry lol. stay tuned! u can also ask me any questions you have…

Can You Help Me? I’m Trying To Put The Baby In The Crib, Is It A Layer Problem Or The Background?
A Friend Of Mine Said I Need To Go to A Creator’s Thread Area And Maybe They’ll Cut Off The Crib AND MAKE It An Overlay


Yes, it needs to be an overlay. You can’t layer a background. I personally don’t create overlays, but here is a thread that does:
If you need Overlays I'll do some!?

If you need any more help feel free to ask!