~ Sofie's style shop ~ Outfit and Character Shop (LL and Ink) OPEN for requests

Heeey guys.
This is my official outfit/character shop. If you’re interested just fill out one the forms (depending on whether you want characters or outfits) Remember that if there’s anything extra I should keep in mind when fulfilling your request, you can always let me know. I always do my best to fulfill requests as fast as possible, but if I don’t get to it immediately, then don’t be afraid to rush me as long as you don’t spam.
I love you all and I hope you’re staying safe.

Outfit Form

Style (LL or Ink) **:
Age/Age Range:
Skin Color (optional)
Number of Outfits:
Clothing style(s):
Occasion (if any)
Any Needed Features (ex. mole, scar, piercing) :
Also, if your character is plus sized, remember to include that.


Character Form

Style (LL or Ink) :
Age/Age Range:
Personality (optional) :
Needed Features (ex. freckles, moles, scars, etc.) :
Body type (Plus size, athletic, generic or soft)
Extra Features You Would Like Created (bold what you would like) : name, nationality/ancestral originality, personality, an outfit, and/or age

Outfit and character examples:


Remember that these are just from my personal taste. I am going to create the outfits that you think look good, not that I necessarily like.


I’ll request!!
All females
Number of outfits: you can decide, your the master
Occasion: these girls are in a kpop group so I’d like some performance/music video outfits. What they do in the group is on the character card but if you can’t see it here they are:
Hani: Lead vocalist and visual
Mae: Songwriter and vocalist
Krystal: Lead Rapper and Lead Dancer and the main visual
Raina: Rapper, dancer, and vocalist
Victoria: Lead High range vocalist and visual

Krystal is a “tomboy” she likes skateboarding and gaming but she is also the sister of 2 successful other kpop idols and her family is very wealthy though none of that is known yet. She’s comfortable in any clothing and she’s a natural beauty

Victoria: Victoria is the mamá bear of the group she likes to cook and care for her group members she is known as a sweetheart

Raina is the pretty much fine with anything kind of girl, she’s quiet but also super hyped when wanting to be she likes wearing black

Mae is the MC of the story, she is new to the group and still learning the ropes of the kpop world and business so she’s very happy and thankful to be there so she’s a natural kind soul and always wants to help even if she doesn’t understand

Hani is the drama queen of the group, she loves being the center of attention and being number one she doesn’t realize some of the thing she says can be offensive because she’s not used to hearing other people’s opinions or feelings

Hani is 21
Krystal is 22
Raina is 23
Victoria is 22
And Mae is 20

They are all Asian, to be specific Hani is South Korean, Krystal is thai, Raina is Vietnamese, Victoria is Afro-Korean ( African American and South Korean ) and Mae is Japanese


So far this is what I’ve come up with. I’ll happily make more, but I wanted to make sure you liked these ones first (Don’t be afraid to tell me if you don’t like them, I’m here to please you.)


These look amazing!!

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That’s great. I’m happy to hear that.


Hey is this shop open?

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Yes it is love.


Hey love.
Even though you got flagged, I can still see your request.
I will begin immediately!!<3

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Here she is.

Bodytype: Female Athletic Body.
Skintone: Copper 01.
Browshape: Arched Thin High.
Brow Color: Chestnut brown.
Hairstyle: Long Wavy Loose Bangs Sideswept.
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde.
Eyeshape: Deepset Almond.
Eye Color: Green Emerald.
Face Shape: Heart Soft.
Nose: Round Button.
Lip shape: Full Round Pouty.
Lip Color: Red Deep Matte.

I hope this looks good. I’ll make any changes if you want. Swimwear is on the way.

Style (LL or Ink) **: LL
Gender: FEMALE
Age/Age Range: 24
Skin Color (optional)
Number of Outfits: 7
Clothing style(s): NAIVE AND MODEST
Occasion (if any)
Any Needed Features (ex. mole, scar, piercing) :

Thank you. I’ve just made a request.

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Here it is! I hope it’s okay<3

The amount of modest clothes is a bit limited, so I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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Here is the swimwear. If you don’t like the jacket on top, you can always remove it. I really tried to combine her conservative feeling about showing skin and still wearing swimwear.

No, it’s perfect. I was looking for modest and which looks good as well so this is perfect. Thank you so much for these

Hi ,
i am in need of some outfit style for my character
style: limelight
gender: female
skin color: neutral 0
i need 12 outfits

character details

i am tired of choosing outfits for my story. all clothe style are suitable for going to college. but not uniform. hope you get my idea
extra: , eyebrow piercing

Here you go<3


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Thank you… its amazing

Hey! I love your outfits and I need help coming up with some, maybe three or four. I’m writing a story about a bunch of rich, preppy kids that takes place over the summer, but I’m struggling to come up with outfits for the male characters. Any ideas?

Style: Limelight
Gender: Male
Age/Age Range: 16-18 (so, young)
Skin Color: Neutral 09
Number of Outfits: 3-4
Clothing style(s): Preppy and Rich, but still Youthful and fit for summer
Occasion: Casual and Everyday
Any Needed Features: Minor Faced Watch Leather Grey Black

Thank you so much if you can! If you can’t, I totally understand.

Here you have them!


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Thank you! They look so good!