Software/Browser advice for creating and writing!

Heya! I just had a quick question on making overlays and which browser is the best to use on a mac for the writer portal? I heard chrome can make your computer run hot. ):

Also I want to continue to make my own text overlays, and I was thinking about using Photoshop instead of After Effects (even though I do some video editing here and there)… I’m just super lost and any advice would be super helpful, thanks!

I used chrome. Lately it hasn’t been good to me though since the update it gave me

but I dont like using the default browser because it doesn’t allow me to hear the sound and it glitches it a couple one forward

(this if for using writers portal^)

but for making overlays.
I also used phone editing to make my overlays
I have an android and these are the apps I use


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Thanks so much! (:

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