Software or Websites to Make Text Overlays?

I’m branching out and experimenting with overlays and I’m trying to find a website or some type of software for me to create text overlays. I know you can create text overlays from any of Episode’s overlays, but that’s nothing I want to do.

Here’s what I do to make my text overlays (these are just simple, plain black ones)

  1. Go to Google Fonts and click on the font I want
  2. Google Fonts has a previewer which lets us type in, so I basically just type in what I want to say
  3. Take a screenshot
  4. Go to Crop your images in seconds for free! and crop the image so you can only see the chosen word
  5. Use to remove the background
  6. Save it as a file
  7. Upload it to Episode! (This only works if you just want black words though)

Photo scissors

I use text on photo
U can make text overlays there

go to 1001fonts, type whatever you want in whichever font, and download it straight from there.

I also use PowerPoint sometimes, and they look pretty damn good imo.

The only issue with creating a text and then removing the bg is sometimes you’ll get a ring around the border (especially if you use colored text), and you won’t be able to create text with a nice shadow behind it either.

So what I do, is create a new canvas (anywhere from 1,500-3,000) on ibispaint and save as transparent immediately without drawing anything on it. Then I open Phonto and select that transparent image. A gray squared box will pop up so you can see how big your box is to make your text in. Then you can create your text as you want. Choose the style, change colors, add a shadow etc. Save the transparent png. Upload that to the portal (you might have to compress the image if it’s too big) and you have a text with shadow behind and no rings from a background eraser!

It’s a pretty long and irritating process but it’s the most successful one I’ve been able to come across so far. :two_hearts:

Idk if this is what you want but i’ll share it anyway :)) is a great website! It’s basically a realistic iphone screen. You can change the contacts name, wifi connection strength, phone network, battery and more! You can also type whatever you want as text messages :)) I hope this helps!

Note: The website is also free :))


In case anyone else needs this thread, you can find apps on your phone to create and upload your own text overlays as PNGs to the Episode Writer Portal!