Sol, The Slayer! Fantasy Story

Hello, Everyone!

Me and my friend (Vero) from the same country Portugal, we joined to the community of Episode, my friend (Vero) we started to talk and then few months later, she asked me if I could help her to write a story from Episode Interactive. And I’m an Author myself, but yes why not.

So last year we started to create an account of episode me and Vero, we are started to create a new story, I am (Jo) a director and coding on the story and my friend (Vero ) is the author.

And on 3rd of April we published the story, down below there’s the info of our story. Enjoy!

Name the Story: Sol, The Slayer (LL)

Genre: Fantasy

Chapters: 1-3 (Every 2 weeks we published 2 chapters)

Version Avatar: Limelight

Description of the story: Sol, was born to fight against Evil. But it seems that her destiny is connected with the most powerful vampire on Earth, Vlad Corvinus! Will she be able to resist him? LGBTQ+(S.C.)

Arts: Yes (The author is an Artist)

Link the story:

Instagram: @verodisantoepisode & @joana.writer

I hope you guys like it the story and please share it with your friends!

Lots of love…

Jo & Vero