Sold to a mafia

Um sorry do you have a question? Or something else? Be specific please.

Please i don’t know how to do the bbcode, I’m just a beginner

Oh, you want to code?
Cool! :slight_smile: This video will help you get started on the basics.

But his version is different sorry to say.
The characters of a thing I’m really confused I need help

Are you coding in Ink or Limelight or Classic?


Are you having difficulty with writing dialogue, placing / animating characters, animating overlays, etc.? Or do you just not know where to start with writing your story?

I don’t know where to start. I’m just a beginner

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I need help

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Okay! So I will link a few resources that I used to start out my writing. The link that @juliewrites provided is actually a great starting place. The youtube channel that was linked has tons of videos pertaining to how to write dialogue, how to branch, how to direct characters, etc. Another great resource would be Dara Amarie’s Website, she has plenty of templates, coding guides, and other helpful tips! Episode’s portal also has a lot of guides for beginner coders as well. The examples there are also pretty in-depth and have helped me a lot! If you have any specific questions, you are also always welcome to ask here on the forums (ex. Script templates, code errors, tips, language translations, etc.) I hope this helps!!

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You can join my Google Classroom! We have a group of experienced coders and writers that can help you with character development, planning your story, coding basics, advanced coding, and so much more!
Just join here:


Is it advisable to use mobile for writing story? Or desktop

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If you join the google classroom, there will be guides on a bunch of different things. You can join from anywhere. I will be posting a guide on the difference in coding on mobile and on a computer.

Probably a laptop or desktop computer. It gets very glitchy on a phone/I-pad/tablet.


There are some resources I’ve put here that you can visit:

Be sure to check out the content guidelines too:

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