Solve a crime 😳 {GAME}

Ok, I have one for now:
A man was murdered on a freezing Friday, there were 6 people home, the maid, the butler, the wife, his daughters boyfriend, and the 2 children, after the police came, they all gave their alibis, and the police immediately knew who it was.
Here are all of their alibis:

His Wife

When my husband was killed, I was in the kitchen, baking apple pie, and I heard my youngest daughter scream so loud, and I went out to the living room, to see my husband, dead! I didn’t do it, I swear, I loved with my whole heart -Cries a little-

His youngest daughter

I was in my bedroom on my bed, and when I went downstairs for something to drink, my father was dead, and I screamed to everyone else, I yelled my father is dead I was on my phone…What was I doing? I was on Tiktok, I was watching Charli D’Amelio…But I don’t see how that matters, I didn’t kill my father -Cries-

The maid

When he died, I was in the basement, I was taking the clothes out of the dryer and I heard one of his daughters scream, I had no idea what happened, I came upstairs to see him dead…And now I’m being interviewed, I was in the basement for God-sakes, officer.

The Butler

I was in the living room when he died, but that doesn’t mean I killed him, or saw who killed him, don’t you see how big the living room is, it’s huge, I was on the whole other side, I was dusting his mantle…Sir.

His youngest daughter's boyfriend

He never did approve of us, every time I came over, he would kick me out, he said I was no good, and that I didn’t deserve his daughter…What, no I didn’t break in, her mother let me in, she thinks I’m nice enough, but, her father, no he’s a horrible person, and he’s spoiled, he doesn’t know me well enough to hate me…When he died, I was in the bathroom, I was on my way back to my girlfriend’s room, when I heard her screaming bloody hell, she was yelling ‘my father is dead’, it wasn’t me though

His oldest daughter

Well I think it’s so unfair that my little sister has a boyfriend and I don’t well anyway…When my father died, I was in the pool, on my phone, and she screamed, and when I came in, he was dead…I never even got to say goodbye -Cries hard-

Who was the murderer, how do you know?

his oldest daughter because why should she be in a pool on a cold friday? unless she’s just dumb and doesn’t know what hyperthermia is :skull:


Same :+1: :+1:

Yeah it was the oldest daughter, and since she says she was in the pool, and since everyone’s story adds up except for hers she was the killer.
(btw, Idk if that makes much sense that was my first one :sweat_smile:)


That was really good tbh. :smiley:

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Uh, if anyone has done something similar then I’m sorry. But I just came up with one-

Late Thursday night a fight broke out in a local bar. The next day, a fresh crime scene was discovered and a man that had enabled the fight was found dead. The cause of death being blunt force trauma. The police decide to question all of those involved with the fight.

Drunk Fisherman

No, who do you think I am!? I was down by the bay, ALL DAY. If you ask me one more dumb question, I’m gonna get my boys. T-They gonna show you that I’m innocent! It wasn’t a threat, boy.


Wha-no! At the bar, I was sitting there and felt some scrawny young man hit my back and I spilt my drink all over myself. I couldn’t move because of the big guy who was talking about being a boxer? I just ran as soon as I got free and made my way home to my family! My wife wasn’t happy when I told her about the bar fight.
That Friday, I never even left my house!


My match is coming up. You think I would be so stupid when I’ve got thousands of dollars counting on this? Come on, man. Why don’t you pigs actually do your job, before I have to do it for you. I’m not gonna let some punk ruin this match. If they do, then you’ll both have a REAL problem with me.

Gold Digger

That small dude has money fallin’ out of his pocket here and there! Can you blame me, honey? Ha! So, you got a wife?

Scrawny Dude

The girl was asking me about my day, she really liked me! And I really like her, but then that big guy just came up and started to throw a couple drinks on me. A-And then that dirty fish guy got angry and starting screaming a-about his drink. She walked away because she was scared, I was trying to protect her though!

Not sure of who was telling the truth, the investigators gave it a while. They had a hunch, they just needed to confirm it by going to all of the places where the suspects stay on a normal day. The Fisherman down by the boats, the Dad at home, the Boxer in the ring, the Gold Digger at a casino, and the Scrawny Dude in his dorm room.

The lead investigator played around with his ring in each place, trying to observe behaviour. Each suspect noticed this and got nervous wondering if he is deciding whether or not they’re guilty.

The Fisherman stared at the expensive piece of jewelry, the dad watched as the investigator dropped the ring in the driveway and reached under the car to pick it up wiping the water from the puddle on his jacket, the boxer crossed his arms, the Gold Digger winked and stared, and the Scrawny Dude nervously bounced his leg while being influenced to start playing with his own. Who did it?

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Is this original? If so I’m impressed.

mhmm, my dad and i like talking about this stuff and making up scenarios to fight about so i learned from him lmao😭

Was it the fisherman, he said he was at the bay…But the fight was at the bar, and he was drunk, so he was probably at the bar maybe?

oh, i’m sorry if i confused you. i kinda wrote that on a whim.

the statements are from saturday morning, the early morning after they found the crime scene (late friday night). when the suspects said they were at a certain place all day, they meant all FRIDAY. whereas the bar fight was on thursday, as specified. my bad💛

The gold digger… or the scrawny dude… ?