[SOLVED]Background doesn't exist... whut?!

After going through the forum without finding a solution to my problem (even though it seems to happen quite often), I had to create a new thread.

As the title tells you, I get the error that says my background does not exist…

However, my art catalog shows that the background DOES exist and is also approved!

In many threads with the same topic, the issue was solved due to a spelling mistake. But in this case I copy-pasted the title and the spaces are between the words like they’re supposed to be…

But neither refreshing the browser nor opening it in another one solves the problem.
The only thing I can think of is to delete the background and upload it a second time…

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem?


Did you upload the background in the background section of the art catalog or overlays?
I don’t know what the error could be besides that since there’s no misspelling, you copy pasted the name, if this problem persists, reload the portal and try deleting the background from the catalog then re-upload it!


Yeah, I did upload it in the background section.

Unfortunately, deleting and re-uploading doesn’t solve the problem, either. I also switched to a different background of mine and the problem still occurs…

I’m starting to think that it’s a glitch on the portal? :woman_shrugging:

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Try to file Episode a support ticket, because i really have no idea what may be causing this, i hope your problem gets solved! :pleading_face: :heartbeat:

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I will :slight_smile: Thank you for your sympathy, nonetheless! :blob_hearts:

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np!! Let me know if the problem gets fixed though :heartpulse:

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I will! :blush:

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I had this problem, and I just deleted the line which has the background on it and typed that in again.

Does it work?

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Unfortunately, it does not :sob: But thank you, anyways!

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It might not be the background that’s the problem, but a line under it? I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

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For me, it’s normally solved by fixing an error that’s somewhere else (not always easy to find though) and sometimes refreshing the page fixes it.


Yes, that’s usually what happens to me! @CassiCat try looking at line 34, because that’s where the “x” is


Guys, I had a breakthrough!

I filed a support ticket and thanks to Episode they came up with a solution that actually worked for me!
So, I thought I share the solution with you, in case someone else struggles with the same issue in the future!

Episode’s solution:

Also, @Epi_rj was right. There was something wrong with the lines 34 and 35. Apparently, there was an issue with the overlay opacity. After deleting the overlays and renaming them, everything worked out perfectly.

Thank you so much, everybody! :blob_sun: