Solved, can delete (:

Problem is already fixied <3
I closed and reloaded the page like 10 times but it’s working now hehe
Thanks to everyone who commented :heart:

Hi guys!
I was writing my story, wanted to preview one small scene and then this error popped up on top of the preview window:

Can anybody help me?
The preview won’t load.
Thanks <3

Refresh the page :slight_smile: if it doesn’t work, reset your computer :heart:

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Already tried that ):
Still won’t work…

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i used to have those at some point, i resolved it by reconnecting my internet? i dont know if that actually helps tho.

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Have you tried previewing it from a different device?

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sometimes this happens when your code conflict each other so its impossible for the portal to preview it ( sometimes even if you do not have error in code)

To check if this is the case… can you show me the code you added from last preview when it was still working?

Also try to preview it in your app. To see if you got stuck there too or not.

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Which Browser do you use because the portal works best on google chrome <3


There must be a letter or a word wrong somewhere try fetching for it

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