(solved) Can't publish my story

Hi I really hope somebody can help me.
I started writing a story for months now and just when I was about to publish, the publish button won’t react. I have 3 chapters, all with more than 1300 lines, all my characters exist, my backgrounds are all approved and so are the overlays, i dont have a single error, the word count in my summary is only 117, i accept the terms, and my cover is approved too. Now when I try to publish nothing happens. I get no warning, no sign of what to change, I’ve tried all browsers such as safari, firefox and google chrome and even used my new laptop so it can’t be because of the data. Literally nothing works and after submitting a ticket two times already the episode team doesnt respond after messaging me once. If there is anyone that can help me id really appreciate it! :((((


Okay after 2 months of struggling I decided to write my issue here in the forum and the exact same day i found a solution. To anyone experiencing the same issue, go to the writer’s portal > account settings > update story. THEN you can publish


You are a life saver…I LOVE YOU… I TRIED AND IT WORKED :sob::sob::sob::sob: THANKYOU SO MUCH

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You’re so welcome!!! Good luck and have fun with your story :heart_eyes:

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