**SOLVED** Help! My silly episode is walking from the wrong place!

Hey Guys!

In the scene I’m writing I want my two main characters to find someone in their room. So I have them out of sight in zone 3 and talking (as if from outside the door). Then I want to cut to zone 1 where I have a character sitting on the bed reading a book and then I want my two mains to enter (from right in zone 3 to right in zone 2). Then I’ll pan from zone 1 to zone 2 to see them in the room and greet each other.

It starts off how I want (talking outside the door) BUT when I pan to zone 1 my two mains are there! I’m using spot directioning and cannot spot my error, can someone suss please??

Sorry I edited as I just realised I tagged people in this message when I copy & paste my script :neutral_face:

Where exactly do you want the scene to start? Zone 1 or zone 2?

Zone 3! I have my two mains out of sight in zone 3, then cut to zone 1 where my other character is and then pan to zone 2 where I want my mains to ‘walk’ to and be

So, you don’t want your characters to appear on screen, but you want the speech bubbles to appear?

OMG I just figured it out. I’m retarded!

Instead of then walking to spot I just changed it to dylan spot & arthur spot.

I’ve seriously been playing with this for an hour… :crazy_face:

I was about to suggest changing that right as you were replying :joy: I’ve been starring at your script this whole time, trying to figure it out and I’ve been kind of messing around with it in my mind and I thought “wait… this could actually be what’s up. Let’s just have them jump to that spot!”

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I’m sure we all go mad looking at the same thing for a while, I seriously couldn’t get it! Thanks so much for reaching out xx

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No worries! It sure had me thinking for a while haha xx

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