SOLVED: I NEED To Find This Story!

Okay, I really need help finding this specific story. It was a story I read months ago when looking through stories & it randomly came to my head because of the storyline.

Here’s what I remember:



The main character, she had VIOLET EYES & you weren’t allowed to change them during customization since it played a big role in the story.

The story was in LIMELIGHT

It’s very faded in my memory but I BELIEVE the main character, she was a stripper. You had the option to pick her stripper name as well.

The male character, I believe he was apart of some gang, & when the girl & boy had met, they met in a club.

He was also very fascinated by her eye color

That’s all I remember! But if you guys know this story, PLEASE TELL ME. I had dropped the story months ago and never saved it, but ended up thinking about it because I really liked the concept. If you don’t know the story; PLEASE SHARE IT. i’d love to read it again.


i know what you’re talking about!! i think its called The Stripper

Do you know who wrote it?

either DR or Miss.Charlie

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I haven’t read it in a long time , so I’m just gonna take a wild guess

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Sadly it’s not the story :pensive: I checked both writers.
I vividly remember reading it & her having non customizable violet eyes.

It would also show up that I read it.

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hmm i really do know what you’re talking about lol i remember the violet eyes

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I really hope someone finds it!
Thank you though, I appreciate it :heart:

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And Chantelle wrote it!

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Nope! I checked, it isn’t the story. :pensive:

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:pensive: man I thought I had it!

It’s okay! Thank you though, love :heart:

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Omg I’m so stupid I just saw that you put it’s in LL-

it’s okay! you’re not stupid. don’t worry about it. I wish there was type of way episode could make you go through your reading history instead of your favorites. :sob:

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Omg I totally agree!

Can anyone help me find a story please I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called :frowning: … it’s about two wolf twins both blonde hair and have special abilities to connect with the moon, one can see the people who have past? And they have to go to school where she finds her mate? Please help???

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What about Whiskey by Mikayla?
It has been really long time since I read it but if I remember correctly it should match your description :thinking:

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I thought it was too lovely but it’s not :frowning: thank you though it’s been driving me insane :frowning:

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Is it Cairo’s Rouge?