(Solved) Layer help super urgent!

I’m making my friend a birthday edit and her birthday is tomorrow but I waited last minute and now the layers are confusing me. I want Lalia to be the top layer the whole time. Jannice behind the couch and then walks to the layer above the couch (but still behind Lalia)
Nothing seems to be working and I’m getting tRiGgErED:rage:
My script:
@cut to zone 1
@overlay BK COUCH create
@overlay BK COUCH shifts to 43 81
@overlay BK COUCH opacity 1
@overlay 6536784092332032_BK COUCH scales to 1.490 1.490
@overlay BK COUCH moves to layer 5
@JANNICE changes into introj
@JANNICE enters from right to spot 0.569 154 285
@JANNICE is talk_neutral_kneel
@LALIA changes into introl
@LALIA enters from left to screen left AND LALIA moves to layer 7
@LALIA is think
&JANNICE is dance_jazzhands AND JANNICE faces left
@LALIA is startled_surprised
@pause for a beat
@JANNICE is admire_hold_gift
@LALIA is admire
@JANNICE walks to spot 0.641 138 244 in 1 AND JANNICE moves to layer 6
@JANNICE is run_fall

Anything is appreciated tysm for the help <3 <3 <3

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Jannice has to be on layer 4 to be behind the couch, I belive.

@overlay BK COUCH to layer 6
@JANNICE walks to spot 0.641 138 244 in 1 AND JANNICE moves to layer 5

Try that.

wow thank you for the fast reply <3
It works for the couch and Jannice but what layer should lalia be in to be on top the whole time?:two_hearts:

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No problem. Where exactly do you want lalia to be?

the layer on top of the couch and jannice

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Try moving her to layer 4 or layer 6
I think that should work.

it didn’t work but thank you for the suggestion

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Where did she end up?

she always ends up behind Jannice. I moved her to layer 100000 out of frustration and she still is behind Jannice :joy:

Try moving her a smaller number like layer 2, you can even try negative numbers.
Sometimes I need to play around with layering.

I’ve done almost everything I can think of. I went from 1-10 one by one. I’ve gone to 100000 and -100000 and I also did 0. There almost seems to be no answer :pensive:

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Try this.

Tested it, this should work:

Jannice: layer -1
overlay: layer 0
Lalila: layer 1

The couch (the whole scene): layer 0
Lalila (the whole scene): layer 2
Jannice (behind the couch): -1
Jannice (in front of the couch, but behind Lalila): layer 1

Think of it as a number line and place the characters somewhere on the number line. That’s how I do it and it works for me. I hope this helped! :grin:


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Ty TY TY <3

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No Problem <3