[SOLVED!] Please Ignore!


Hi my sister and I are looking for open art groups! Based on examples we’ve provided please let us know if you’d like us to join!

  • Claire
Claire’s Examples

I still need to draw lip outline for this



Cheyanne’s Examples

Also please tell us any rules!




You can join Harmony if you like.
But rn requests are closed so you’ll only be relaxing for now


@Episode.Harmony @Epy.raven @L.I.W.F @Episode-Gold


Hiya lol


Are you serious? Omg I’ve heard so many great things about that group!


Lol yeah you can join. Matter of fact, consider this a “great honor” as I’m president.
(Lmao you don’t have to :woman_shrugging:t4:)


Lol still! I’ve seen your examples and was going to apply but I thought you weren’t hiring anymore. Is there anything we have to do? Also we won’t be upset if you want only one of us :wink:


No it’s fine you both can come! Right now you can just chat and everything as we’re preparing for stuff :grin:.


Ok! Do we chat on here or on Instagram or something else?


We chat on here mostly.
(We have a discord but some members don’t have it, so we have some chats in here)


You could join my group, it’s called Episode Bakery. :slight_smile:


Ok, do you want us to get discord? We won’t have a problem getting it!


Ok sure you can that’s fine :ok_hand:t5:


Ok we will make an account!


OK!! We’ll give you the link when your done!


Hey we made our accounts!


Ok! I’ll invite to our chat rn!!!


Thank you again!