[SOLVED] Sounds... I am confusion

Can someone please explain what is happening here?

Perfectly normal, right…?

Then please explain this:

This makes no sense :rofl::rofl:

What does the error say?

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“Unexpected Garbage: This line does not follow our formatting.”

I’ve tried placing it both before and after the dialogue, and it hasn’t worked either time.

Yeah, That is a unexpected bug, So probably you should report that bug. I have tested that script.

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I think it might be due to the formatting of the sound name.
All the others have words separated by underscores (_), whereas this one is separated by dashes (-)

:rofl: they need to take that out of the sound gallery

Actually I think that is a SCRIPT error to the portal :laughing: :
because most sounds are supposed to have (_) then -

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Probably :joy::joy:

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here’s the real one audience_boo you wil find it.

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I’ve got it all working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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