Some advise about my art maybe? 😅 (Please be honest!) 🥺

Hey, so…

I need some help/advice with my art. I’m not sure about it and I actually want to know, what I can do better? :sweat_smile:

Here’re some examples of my art:

I’m working with Ibis Paint X
Please, give me some advice what I can do better! Or just some tips! :pleading_face:

Possibly you can tag someone, who might can help me. :relaxed:


They look awesome as they are!

To make them look even better, maybe outline them and add more shades to the skin (so that it doesn’t appear as flat maybe). And maybe add more highlights in their clothes and hair as well.

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Hello, you art is very good! :))
I feel like you could work on the anatomy, which I personnally think is the hardest part to work on hahahha :sweat_smile: , you coud use reference. I use pinterest for most of the time.
Also, I don’t usually like lineart but to define more the clothes from the body you could add a little messy lineart (painting style)
I hope it help! :)) :blob_hearts:

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Thanks to both of you! :blush: I’ll try that!

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you’re pretty good :slight_smile: maybe just overline them slightly? It could improve and contrast your art :stuck_out_tongue: and I always try to play with the colours when painting skin, I feel like it adds more character

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Your art is really cuttee!! :heart:
Maybe check this out if it helps you! :sparkles:


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