Some art scenes I’ve done!


Here are some art scenes I did myself.
Please don’t steal them and credit them as yours, if you want some art done please PM me.

The first one is an outline that will soon develop into an art scene,

I got lazy with the last ones background, I spent hours on the people and didn’t feel like dealing with the background soooo


wow! @ChayChay!


wana join an art group??


These are really good :blush:


I’m sorry. I’m a solo artists and make art for my own stories. However, I’d be happy to take art requests for free. Just PM me.




I thought your in our group rember


I love it!




I never contacted the group


Those are so good omg


WOOW THIS IS AMZING!!! Would you do art scenes for other ppl stories?


Yeah, depends on the story.
I don’t want to spend hours working on a piece only for it to be thrown in a poorly written story.
I’d request a review of the story to make sure it’s professional.


Yes of course!!! This is the link it’s for the fantasy contest, it’s called Fantastical: Death Song




Did you like it?


What do you use to edit?


I use PicsArt to add motion blur and filters
Then I use the mobile app sketch book to draw the characters.


Oh wow, these are amazing! I loooove the first one and I’m trying to learn to do art like that myself. I think I’ll try that mobile app you suggested :thinking: :two_hearts:


wow these are amazing!