Some authors need to be free from the shackles of the word "jealous"

I love Episode. I really do, but it’s hard to believe that some authors are actual adults with their overuse of the word “jealous.”

There are some episodes where the MC is clearly in a relationship and another character blatantly disrespects the MC and instead of the MC’s partner setting that disrespectful character straight, he basically gaslights the her and calls her jealous (or jokes about her being jealous and then says something along the lines of "you don’t trust me?).

And the worst part? The MC doesn’t even defend herself. She has those “inner thoughts” like “I can’t believe I acted so jealous” or “Maybe I was a little jealous.” Meanwhile, the reason why the MC reacted in such a way is because another girl disrespected her right to her face by flirting or making a move on her boyfriend or husband. Side note, the lack of accountability that some authors give the male characters is a tad bit concerning.


YES HAAHA, it’s become cliche!
There are other feelings than jealousy…Some MCs doubt themselves too quick :sweat_smile:


I strongly agree.


Yess! I’d love to read a story where my MC is like “Jealous? Are you serious? She just tried to kiss you! Are you defending her?!” or some dramatic ish like that, haha


it is true that almost all stories are the same there is no longer originality


That’s why I stopped reading stories with ‘mean girls’. In real life those girls don’t come around every second of the day and come out of every corner and not every ex is per definition jealous. :roll_eyes:

I mean, the Li’s always seem to try to kill other men who so much as look at the mc (even if they not together) so it’s a mystery to me… that he mocks the mc for having difficulty with other women flirting with him, and him not directly turning down. toxic. :white_heart:

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